recently, from the Taiwan lifestyle media Keedan released Reebok Pump Fury 2015 winter series of other special collocation. Overwhelmed by the creative team to traverse the boundary "as the theme, through outfit from harmony, beams, our legacy, Matthew Miller, (a) crypsis fashion brand when season focus fashion models, the interpretation of coexistence of Reebok pump fury shoes retro avant-garde crossing over the aesthetic. Including "tiger Camo" series, a variety of pump fury perfe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ct control high street, Japanese style retro and modern minimalist style, the overall show a pleasing aesthetic sense. source: HYPEBEASTPopular female shoe lovers Air Jordan GS 5 type of shoes again brought a fine color to gray as the main colors, black lining, Jumpman Logo and bottom arrowtooth dress, sprinkle with red tongue inside and outside the bottom, the overall style more or less, bright yet calm in.within a short period of time, NEW BALANCE breath be introduced to playing Retro jordans for sale the main Denim Blue color M996, M998 and M1300 three popular models, a time blues color become hot grab objects New Balance fans, three SOLD OUT popular models quickly and speculators popping up on Taobao, YAHOO and EBAY, a congregation could not start whining fan of tears. But more unfortunately, the recent New Balance once again introduced a blue-gray color of the ML574VVC, similar to the light blue, gray and other colors throughout the body of the shoe, the earlier well-known st cheap foamposites ore shelves in Kith, but it is regrettable that the high popularity, not the number of days have been completely sold, you are interested to start with friends, also had to wait for the sale of other shops or endure the pain of price speculation. Source: Kith & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; surveys show the American public's awareness of China is less than people imagine, Samsung, Toyota, Nissan, Nike respondents a Retro jordans for sale re mistaken for Chinese brands. Such findings reflect China's "world factory" label has become a worldwide consensus but also exposed China's international image on the set, do not enough. China also showed more attitude and strong confidence in the country, let the world know China's LOGO. Recently, the newly established "Blue Ocean International Communication Association," issued the "Blue Ocean Survey - United States in the eyes of Chinese people," a project called the poll repor Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping t, 50 states across the United States from the extraction of two million US adult population as a sample on the "Americans in the eyes of China" to start the survey. Published the poll results. Survey shows that the American public's awareness of China is lower than most people think. For example, respondents in the face "of Chinese Americans know what brand?" This question, 42% of people think any Chinese brand, the brand is not mentioned in most of Chinese brands. Samsung, Toyota, cheap jordans online Nissan, Nike respondents are mistaken for Chinese brands. often heard before foreigners can not tell the Chinese, Japanese and Korean people, but, this confusion has spread from skin to the commercial brands and products. Samsung, Toyota mistaken nationality to be it, one of the most American brands hearts of Chinese people like NIKE, was surprised to be 16 percent of Americans considered the Chinese people under the name of, really to China filled through that road, "hook" the k cheap jordan shoes for men ids long face. However, I believe, can not give that 16 percent of Americans labeled as unpatriotic, nike left them with the impression of Chinese brands, can only prove that China "world factory" label, has become the consensus worldwide. and 15 yuan for "leap" selling high-priced sports shoes in Europe is different, these being misunderstood, "Chinese brand", this will in the world there is a huge brand awareness and market appeal, and almost is recognized brand in China is the cheap jordans for sale mens country where the LOGO. However, due to the known resources and labor factors, such international brands in China factory opened early, to establish a base, or select and Chinese enterprises "marriage." Now, open nike tongue son, you see just "made in china". In the automotive industry, Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Beijing Hyundai many times on behalf of the pure blood of Honda, Nissan them. Chinese manufacturing tentacles grow to ourselves think that's incredible, young and ol Cheap air jordans for sale d daily life, this world is not made in China, it is simply unable to move. It seems that these brands become "Chinese goods", it is not surprising. Do not get too excited. After treatment of such findings, smiled, laughed or Anshuang, is not it should be some deeper sense of silence, unfortunately, even the reflection? The real Chinese national enterprises and national brands, does not seem to really take advantage of the growth in this environment, at least not mature. Nearly ha cheap jordans for sale lf of Americans do not know any Chinese brands, know that half and mostly fake Chinese brand, which is the lack of Chinese international brand image building and promotion on. Even it can be said that such findings reflect the international image of China to establish, do not enough. 08 is the Chinese year of the world's open-minded. Both for relief coverage, or the Olympics to make every effort, both trace the tainted milk incident, or the Shenzhou VII's stunning performance, positive, negative, celebrate, and nationwide mourning, consciously worldwide consciously catching up "Chinese course." It should be said, China's sports and aerospace, well represent the image of China's great power. However, the "Beijing Olympics", "Shenzhou VII" is not always the image of China, "Platform", not always as pale and weak global awareness of creativity "modesty." China needs more LOGO, LOGO is not just these five-star red flag, but the Chinese people should be happy and satisfied smile, he is confident the country's image and wisdom. initiated the investigation of the "Blue Ocean International Communication Association", the President is the famous Cheng Siwei. Who has appointed the vice chairman of the Standing Committee of economists, has been for China's currency, stock market and other economic issues and interrogation pulse, overwhelmed by the introduction of such an investigation, and tried once a year to develop, he really The well-intentioned. Such investigation is a silhouette of China's international image, the image of China as a developing country to provide a reference. Through sustained economic development and foster national enterprises, to participate in international affairs, strengthen cultural exchanges and other specific work, China should show a big country more powerful stance and confidence to make the world of China's "big country" impression superficial longer stay in population , geographical concept.